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Texturing Contractor


CMC Home Solutions, Inc. has had to match every imaginable type of surface texturing. From the once commonly-used “popcorn” texture to the more elaborate stipple textures, we can handle all jobs – big and small – with ease. Our experienced contactors offer all types of texturing services such as next-day drywall repairs, intricate textured surface repairs and, of course, new drywall installations.

Textured Drywall Ceiling Repair

Repairing the texture on the ceiling of a home or business is very common. In this case the texture is either scraped down and sanded or the damaged areas are completely removed and replaced with new drywall. Our repair specialists use a tried-and-true process that involves taping, block coating and skim coating prior to matching materials and texture techniques.

Common types of texture include:
• Orange Peel
• Stomp
• Swirl
• Knock Down
• Popcorn
• And more…

Our texturing contractors are experts at installation and repair. Give us a call today for a Free Estimate.